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Multi Mesh Tarp

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Our Multi Mesh tarps are made from high strength 1000 denier yarn that is coated in PVC and then heat set for maximum endurance. We manufacture our mesh in wider widths to eliminate seams and weak points in our tarps resulting in a higher quality longer lasting tarp. Our Multi Mesh is specifically made for the hauling industry and is perfect for sand, gravel, rock, agriculture, landscaping and construction debris or any other load that does not require a 100% windproof or waterproof application. The open weave reduces wind resistance and stress to the tarp and tarp system. All Tarps come standard with vinyl reinforced double lock stitched pockets, webbing reinforcement around the entire perimeter and rust-proof grommets evenly spaced on 3 sides to aid in attaching to the tarp roller.

Standard Features:

  • Seat-Belt Material Webbing throughout hems
  • Double-Lock Stitched throughout
  • 6" Vinyl-Reinforced Pockets
  • Stainless Steel Grommets on all 3 sides (not including pocket side)

Measure the width of your tarp roller and subtract 4" to get your tarp width. This will prevent the tarp from bunching up on the sides of the roller. Add 2' to the length of the body to get the tarp length. This will leave extra tarp on the roller and help with uneven loads.