Lumber Tarp

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Lumber tarps are designed specifically for use on flatbed trailers, where loads must be kept dry and safe during transit. Lumber Tarps are best suited for long, tall loads such as stacked wood, wallboard, and other products that can be damaged by rain, UV rays, or road debris. Standard lumber tarps are made of 18oz vinyl and feature three rows of D-rings and a tail flap on 6' drop and 8' drop and 2 rows of d-rings  spaced evenly with a tail flap for 4' drops. So you can thoroughly cover your load. It's important to properly secure your Lumber tarp so it won't flap or billow in the wind. A loose Lumber tarp increases the risk that your load will shift or become exposed, and it also drags more in the wind, which can damage the Lumber tarp. Deliver cargo safely and spend less on fuel by keeping your Lumber tarp tightly secured!

Available sizes are as follows:

16' x 27' 18oz Vinyl with a 4' Drop and Rain Flap

20' x 27' 18oz Vinyl with a 6' Drop and Rain Flap

24' x 27' 18oz Vinyl with a 8' Drop and Rain Flap