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This is a complete bolt-on kit. (no welding required)

This Kit Does Not Contain a Tarp, Wind Deflector, or Housing.

This is a 100% complete 4 Spring Electric Polished Aluminum Front to Back Flip Tarp System for your Dump Truck or Trailer. The Polished Aluminum Arms will never rust and are 40% lighter than steel arms. This is a 4 Spring Dump Truck Auto Tarp Kit with telescoping arms that will cover up to a 23' bed. Cover your loads with ease without having to leave the safety of the cab.


This Kit includes: 

If you need a tarp to go with your new Tarp System please follow one of the links below:

For tarp size, please measure inside to inside of where the axle/motor will be mounted, subtract 4" and that will be your width. For length, please measure from where the axle will be to the tailgate, then add 2'.